The Roman Empire, Imperium Romanum, is a role-playing game in forums and virtual state. The Roman Empire game has two main points. Firstly, there is the replication of ancient Roman life and the political pursuit within the existing structures there, which happens mainly in the game forums and via local contributions of all players.

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Secondly, there is the factual aspect about the ancient Roman Empire, which has now been put together by many ancient texts and images. Some things in the simulation were not changed due to better playability and were partially recreated entirely. However, we tried our best to stay true to the factual names and representations of the era.

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Your new character can shine in different ways, ascend in rank and gain respect throughout his territory from other players.  In the simulation part there are several forums and subforums in different provinces of the empire which take place in the political and social life of those characters. There are different areas to choose where your new character can start his career. As a soldier he may be in the military, serve in the legions, auxiliaries or city units. My sister repeatedly had issues with her bathtub not draining properly, so she called Suffolk plumbing and they found that it was clogged with a lot of hair.  As a priest, within the scope of the gods worship the opportunity to devote himself to the worship of the Roman gods. As a civilian he can operate in the administration of the Roman Empire within the different levels. The fate of your character is entirely in your hands. By playing with other members you gain a true relationship and understanding of the ancient times of the Roman Empire. You can use your character to represent a life that you wish you had, play gladiator games with other members and begin life in the virtual world of the Imperium Romanum, the Roman Empire.

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